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Martin Piala

3D, Computer Vision, & AI Software Engineer

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Hi, I am Martin. I am a passionate software engineer with a laser focus on pushing technological boundaries. I specialise in computer vision, 3D graphics and practical AI applications.

Whether it’s gathering insights from images and videos through advanced computer vision, deploying intelligent solutions with large language models, or creating breath taking 3D web experiences, I bring creativity and precision to every project.

Let’s transform ideas into code and redefine what’s possible.

Education and experience

Imperial College London LogoImperial College London LogoImperial College London LogoImperial College London Logo

My focus

Novel View Synthesis and 3D Model Reconstruction

Neural Radiance Fields, Gaussian Splatting, and other derivatives


Computer Vision

Insights into visual data with detection, segmentation, and recognition


Large Language Models and Chatbots

Prompt engineering and integrations with OpenAI GPT, Claude and similar


Full Stack Development

Responsive applications from server to client. Scalable, performant, and user-centric


What do my clients say?

Martin was exceptionally skilled in the required field, delivering the project outcomes in a way that exceeded expectations. He was a pleasure to work with. He communicated efficiently and was transparent about his progress and the various challenges faced throughout the project. I would highly recommend him and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Marc A.

Co-Founder of All Axis

My Workflow


Project Request

To kick off our collaboration, simply reach out to me with your project request.

This gives me a better idea of what you’d like to get done and assess whether I am the right fit. If so, we’ll schedule a call to delve further into details.


First Meeting

During our first call, we’ll get to know each other and see if we are a good fit together.

We’ll talk about your goals and requirements and make sure we are on the same page. We’ll also go through all the clarifying questions and define the next steps for our collaboration.



After I have learned and understood as much as possible about your project, I’ll create a custom proposal of our collaboration. In the proposal I will clearly outline the goals, key deliverables, time and cost estimates, all split into incremental milestones.

We’ll also have a chance to go back, discuss, and update any part of the proposal.



Once we are on the same page about the milestones and deliverables of the project, I have everything I need to start with the implementation. In this step, communication is the key to success. You can expect clear and timely updates about the progress from me. This way we ensure the project is on the right track.



As the last thing, I will hand over all the code I have produced, help you integrate the solution into your existing tech stack, and give you all the necessary instructions and documentation.

Interested in working together?

Get in touch at hello@martinpiala.com or find me on LinkedIn.

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