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Large Language Models

Large language models are becoming increasingly popular in various applications. They understand general human language and have a wide range of use cases like chat bots, code completion, or text interpretation and summarisation.

I can help you with prompt engineering and chaining, integration with various LLMs (e.g. ChatGPT, Claude, or similar), and deployment to on-prem hardware.

A small selection of my work


WikiFind is a GPT-powered Wikipedia answering engine. It had been incredibly useful before GPT-4 was released, when models did not have general internet access. The goal of WikiFind was to combine a large language model with a reliable source of truth for factual information. The result is an easy to use search engine that does not hallucinate and make up facts.

I built WikiFind as a whole: Frontend with React and Three.js, and GPT-powered backend with Python.

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