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I enjoy crafting end-to-end solutions for scalable, responsive, and user-centric applications. Proficient in diverse range of technologies and frameworks, I seamlessly integrate server-side logic with intuitive client-side interfaces. Focusing on ensuring scalability and optimal user experience, I bring a holistic approach to application development, from conceptualisation to deployment.

A small selection of my work


Fragment is a one-stop-shop to convert videos into photorealistic 3D models with computer vision and machine learning.

Under the hood, the 3D model reconstruction is powered by customised NeRF models, with help of several segmentation networks to clean up unwanted objects.

I built Fragment from the ground up: Frontend with in-browser renderer using React and Three.js, and backend with ML models using Python.

Fragment image


WikiFind is a GPT-powered Wikipedia answering engine. It had been incredibly useful before GPT-4 was released, when models did not have general internet access. The goal of WikiFind was to combine a large language model with a reliable source of truth for factual information. The result is an easy to use search engine that does not hallucinate and make up facts.

I built WikiFind as a whole: Frontend with React and Three.js, and GPT-powered backend with Python.

Wikifind image

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